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The Scene with Christopher Shayne

Welcome to my blog. I'll be keeping you all up to date with some of my latest music projects here.

The Scene - An Introduction

​The Scene. A dubious title for something for not so serious. So what is a "Scene"...

When I was growing up with my friends on the school yard far beyond the days of mix tapes, CD's, and headlong in the wild west of the internet music scene, we were building playlists. We set the rules and gave the person of the week the task of providing our entertainment for the week. I would like to share this tradition with the Shayne Gang that has supported us so well. It'll give you a peak into our world, what we're listening to and delivered to you in a way that let's us create an experience for you.

You will need a Spotify account to access the scenes: go to the Christopher Shayne page on Spotify, go to the playlists section and pick the corresponding scene to the post for an explanation.  

Let's start with the rules and set this experience in motion!

The Rules:

1. These songs MUST BE LISTENED TO IN ORDER! - We're spending time crafting a scene, it is meant to be experienced in order to get the full effect. DON'T TOUCH THE SHUFFLE BUTTON!

2. To make up for this, each scene will be 5-8 songs or about 30 minutes in length. 

3. Each scene will be centered around a central theme. I'll try to avoid era's, or simple genres. I will do my best to offer a twist, or an emotion that can be explored in a new way.