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The Scene with Christopher Shayne

Welcome to my blog. I'll be keeping you all up to date with some of my latest music projects here.

Songs to Float Aimlessly in Space with Top Down To...

​What a vision. 1950's Scifi and television writers would be losing their minds thinking about driving around in space, arm resting comfortably on the frame as the top goes down on convertible. And that's our reality, even if it's just a dummy. 

And here I sit, staring at a rocket, ready to start the countdown to launch this thing right into your ears. There's too much to be done and too many nuts and bolts to tighten. Just know that once this thing is ready to fly, you will not see anything like it!!

Enough of this.... let's drift:

Scene: Floating in Space with the Top Down

A collection of 1950's inspired doo-wop and musical motifs to drift aimlessly in space to. *

*Convertible not included

1. Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space - Spirtualized

2. I Only Have Eyes for You - Tashaki Miyaki

3. White Gloves - Khruangbin

4. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star 

5. Silhouettes - The Rare Occassions