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The Scene with Christopher Shayne

Welcome to my blog. I'll be keeping you all up to date with some of my latest music projects here.

Remember the Time

Remember the Time:

With new years come fresh starts, fresh beginnings, and an overall sense of renewed energy to accomplish the goals that remain unfulfilled. This year things seem different. At least I've noticed a feeling seems to have come over the masses that is filled with questions, hope, or terror for what awaits us in the future. We are in uncharted territory throughout the world. There are issues that we as modern people have not faced before and there's a child-like gaze towards the future.

What does it mean for this month's scene? Well, I could reflect on the past. Of all the greats that we've lost this past year (of which there are many and I urge all of you to explore the catalogues of each and every person). I could address the political atmosphere of not only the US, but Europe, UK, and our friends abroad. There are so many things that have been expressed by musicians far greater than I that have captured these sentiments, and been assembled in better ways than I could ever hope to achieve. So this month's scene will be a perspective that I wish remind us all of: innocence.

As we begin to march forward into a new year of both scary and wondrous developments, let's wipe the slate clean. Let's remember what it is like to come into this world with fresh eyes and thoughts and to take each new experience as they come. This series of songs are songs either told from the experience of a child, or musically reflects the bounciness of a summer in the sun, traveling with your family in the back seat of a car, or just the inane thoughts that can fill a child's brain.

Song List:

1. We're Going to be Friends – The White Stripes

2. Wish I Could Fly – What Laura Says

3. Ocean Man – Ween

4. Going up the Country – Canned Heat

5. She Don't Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips

Album to check out: What Laura Says – Thinks and Feels

This local Arizona band is possible one of my favorites I've ever come across. This album is full of playful techniques and melodic deliveries that are so much fun to listen to. They use their voices as instruments guiding each song along with ooo's and ahh's that are just absolutely inspiring. PLEASE listen to this album. You will not be disappointed.