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The Scene with Christopher Shayne

Welcome to my blog. I'll be keeping you all up to date with some of my latest music projects here.

Heard it on the X

​I apologize if it seems it's been a while since we last reconnected. Music and bandhood has many moving parts and coupled with your average day to day life, things get moved around a bit. Now with a finally clear schedule and plan for the coming weeks, it's time to put these machinations in motion and prepare. 

Next week we'll be playing with the legendary Molly Hatchet in North Carolina. There's a lot of firsts and lifelines that will meet at this show, so it'll be a show of career goals made true and a demonstration of the circles that life presents. It was a year ago, about a few weeks prior that Zach starting playing the opening licks of "Flirting with Disaster" after rehearsal one night. Dave and I looked at each other and thought it would be a blast to play and added it to the set that night... and here we are: Playing with the band we subconsciously put into motion one year ago. Maybe if we add Led Zeppelin to the list, they'll decide to get back together? (DAVE ARE YOU READING THIS?)

Magic music predicting powers aside, let's get into a scene. We're traveling to the North Carolina, a corner of the south I have not had the pleasure of stepping foot on, but have studied religiously. My background beyond all sub-genres is firmly rooted in blues and roots music of the region. So we're going WAAAAAAAAY back to formation of blues.

I could tell you the personal stories of each and everyone of these artists (in particular, Blind Willie Johnson and RL Burnside (who's my personal hero)). "Dark was the night, Cold was the Ground" is probably the most important piece I've ever listened to. It's one of the most perfect expressions of humanity caught on record.

This one will probably be the start of a multi-part scene as there are so many directions to go with this. But for now, we're concentrating in the South and keeping it in the time period of 1925-1950.

Scene - Dark was the night...

1. Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground - Blind Willie Johnson

2. Weeping Willow - Blind Boy Fuller

3. Cypress Grove Blues - Skip James 

4. See My Jumper Hangin' On The Line - R.L. Burnside

5. Fixin' to Die Blues - Bukka White

6. Feels so Good #1 - Junior Kimbrough